Growth that is sustainable is not left to chance. At AssayCS we combine,our experience as business operators with a proprietary methodology to support you every step along your business journey.

Road mapping your legacy

As a business owner, your business is your lifeblood. Most people in these positions only know one way of increasing the value of their business: driving revenue and profit. There is another way – working on the multiple in the valuation formula. Business owners tend to think the multiple is fixed. It isn’t!

We use a proprietary framework to create healthier, more sustainable and significantly more valuable businesses.

In the formula: Valuation = Profit x Multiple (V = P x M), ”M” is a measure of the future earning potential of a company while ”P” represents its historic performance. Typically, most business owners focus on the “P”. They increase value by selling more, commanding a higher margin for their product, or both. In other words, work harder to increase profit.

Our experienced specialists – using our proprietary methodology– will work with you by focusing on the specifics that also drive ”M” (the multiple). Driving the multiple is a far more efficient and effective way to dramatically increase business value.

Creating your roadmap

Aligning your business strategy to the valuation formula is critical for success. We begin by creating a roadmap – the Equity Strategy Plan (ESP™). This plan is initiated with a detailed examination of your company. We assess your business’s risks across a variety of factors, identify the strategic assets in your business that can be leveraged (but that must be fully secured), run a comparison to others in the industry and indicate the resulting valuation. From this roadmap we create a forward looking valuation based on the impact of executing the plan and increasing “M”.

Implementation and change through PRIME™

We support implementation by providing resources that deliver business strategy, management, capacity and capability and provide the vital foundations for sustainable growth.

Our PRIME process (Prioritize, Resource, Implement, Measure & Evaluate) achieves the transformation required to realize your business legacy. Customized to your needs, we work with you to transfer the knowledge and skills that will support your growth. We keep you and your team accountable, document the transformation and maintain momentum to achieve your vision.

Strategic support

We provide on-going support to the CEO, management team, board and ownership. This support is customized to your needs. Whether that means acting as a member of your advisory board or assisting in the recruitment of a key position for your team, our team is there to support you.


If acquisitions are part of your plan for growth, our transaction specialists will help you through all aspects of planning, sourcing and completing the transaction. Once acquired, our team is able to help you integrate acquisitions commercially and culturally into your business.

Equity Reward System (ERS™)

AssayCS has developed a system to align your team to achieve your vision. We calibrate individual team member incentives to engage them in the transformation process to deliver growth and strategic projects that will impact your business.


The funding needs for middle market companies are unique. Proactively working with you to map your capital and financing needs, AssayCS’s funding specialists will help you achieve the appropriate funds and financial partner for your business.