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Survive to Thrive: Phase II Revise - Mistake #2

7 Blunders & Key Mistakes Businesses Make During a Crisis & How to Avoid Them   Mistake #2:  Timing – Missing the Boat   In Mistake #1 (M1), we shared the importance of understanding your industry cycle and those of your clients and choosing whether to rise with the tide, to seize the opportunity to grow, gain market-share and enhance your capabilities or slowly sink to the…

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Exit timing

When is the best time to exit? When you’re looking to sell the business how do you know if it’s a good or bad time?   Timing your exit We work with clients to establish the timing of their exit vision and define how they want the business to look at that point. Talking in detail about the business “today”, and projecting forward, allows business owners and their teams to refine their plans…