Assay: ă-sā - Verb

Definition: analysis to determine the presence, absence, or quantity of one or more components.

At AssayCS we put your aspirations at the heart of our process and focus on building a partnership that will lead to the realization of your goals and legacy.

Our team is focused on your personal and business goals throughout and we will work with you to develop a strategy to grow, fund or sell your business with you.

Who we work with

We work with privately owned, middle market businesses ($10M-$250M in revenue) that are ready to grow, or prepare for an exit. Business ownership may be in the hands of one individual, a small partnership, or are family-run.

Our clients are looking for professionals who have walked a similar journey, with a track record in growing, raising capital for and selling their own businesses. Clients want a more personal experience that will help them deliver their desired legacy.

Who are we?

Founded during 2009, we are former entrepreneurs, business owners and senior operating executives. Each of us has been trained in large organizations to grow and scale businesses. We apply this experience to have a transformational impact to help clients achieve their legacy. The team at AssayCS makes the journey of business growth and ownership transition easier and more prosperous.

Our founders developed the AssayCS service offerings after more than 30 years of experience building their own companies. We wanted to provide a different experience than traditional investment banking and consulting firms that we encountered as entrepreneurs.

The goal in creating AssayCS was to combine practical and strategic experience with a personalized approach that enables us to transfer our knowledge to business owners. Our unique service offering blends the organizational transformation elements of consulting with the strategic elements of finance.

Our approach is different

We are a family of specialists who advise business owners how to grow, fund (with the right money) and be fairly rewarded for their life’s work on exit. Our proprietary methodology is based on more than 20 years of research, analysis and implementation. We have developed a toolset from our experience that has been tested across numerous industries and has consistently led to increased performance for owner-operated, middle market businesses.

Our proprietary methodology creates healthy, sustainable businesses and positions companies so acquirers value your business from a strategic perspective by focusing on the valuation multiple, instead of treating their assessment as a simple financial transaction. Our role is to be with you during the journey to ensure you achieve your desired results.

Clients typically have the following characteristics, but turn to the AssayCS team to help them achieve their desired result:

a)    primed for growth,

b)    ready for investment (fund), or

c)    preparing for sale (full exit or partial sale)

Why clients work with us

Although most clients are experienced business owners, they often have not received the formal business training experienced by the AssayCS team. Many are running the largest business they have ever owned and want help on what to do to take the business to the next level.  In addition, most have never been through the process of selling a business and want a partner to guide them on the journey when transitioning ownership.

Clients often say, “I really don’t know what to do next. It feels like many decisions are like leaping from a plane without a parachute!” What they recognize immediately is that our team has experienced all the highs and lows of business from start-up, to growth and then to exit.

We work with our clients to prove the value of their business and give them the freedom to choose, safe and secure in the knowledge that they have created the legacy they envisioned.

How we can help

We have fully developed specific offerings that help clients across their grow, fund and exit journey.

1. Assess is the first step. We work with clients to assess their current situation to produce an Equity Strategy Plan (ESP™) – the roadmap to achieving your legacy.  This assessment also aligns the equity legacy with your business vision.

2. Transform uses our proprietary transformation process to manage the implementation of the ESP™ focusing on measurable results. We use our PRIME™ process (Prioritize, Resource, Implement, Measure & Evaluate) and Equity Reward System (ERS™) to achieve your business legacy.

We work with business owners and senior management across most industries to provide the vital foundations for a healthy, sustainable business. We will help design and implement your strategic plan for growth, providing support at every step of your business journey.

3. Transact with our M&A team who are responsible for the execution of transactions arising from AssayCS’s equity strategy advice. We work with owners to sell their business, acquire other companies or obtain funding for growth. Our corporate finance team combines experience of owning and running businesses with the process of maximizing equity value for middle market business owners.