AssayCS is a blended, middle market advisory and M&A team.

As former business owners and senior executives, we celebrate
entrepreneurs, empower them and work with them to create and realize the legacy from their life’s work. Our clients are ready to grow – or want to sell their business – and want help to achieve their desired results.

Assay’s proven methodology, increases the value, health and sustainability of a business by focusing particularly on the formula:

V (valuation) = P (profit) x M (multiple)

We specialize in advising on:

  • A business’ preparedness for a transition of ownership;
  • selling businesses; and
  • a business’ readiness to grow and its ability to reach its goals.

Experienced business professionals

Our team are business founders, seasoned operators and senior executives who have grown, funded, bought and sold businesses before founding or joining AssayCS. For each of us, our work is deeply personal, and we know your business is a reflection of who you are and what you value.

Want help achieving your desired growth or business legacy?

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