Adrian Bray

Co-CEO & Founder


Adrian is a Co-CEO & Founder of AssayCS and was the founding Chairman of Assay Advisory and is based in San Francisco.

His early career spans the Chemical Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Oil and Gas and FMCG, CPG industries where he held roles within International Logistics, Accounting and Finance, Systems Integration and Change Management. In total his experience spans Professional Services, Resourcing, Manufacturing, Brokerage, Software, Hardware, Online and Traditional Media. Adrian has run projects the UK, US, South Africa and across Europe. As an Entrepreneur, Adrian subsequently built Professional Services and Consulting businesses, working across many countries and managing teams from 22 different countries speaking 27 different languages.


Adrian’s unique experience led him to a senior executive and coaching role at Shirlaws, a global business coaching company, where he has spent a decade helping business owners acquire new skills in managing their lives and businesses. As a coach, his client base includes successful businesses in Technology, Real Estate, Financial Services and Professional Services firms. Previously Adrian was head of the Professional Services team for Shirlaws in the US as well as acting Managing Partner for the Bay Area and the Seattle offices. Adrian has held several senior roles in the field through to CDO, COO, and Board Director both inside the UK and the US businesses prior to becoming the US chair.


Adrian is also a former board member and events group chair of the British American Business Council. He is a Chartered Management Accountant, a Member of the Institute of Directors and former member of the Institute of Export.