Bringing outside funding into your company can be a pivotal and uncomfortable moment.
It’s likely to change your commitments and feelings – even your relationship with the
business might change. Our funding specialists are sensitive to these impacts. They’ll work
with you to get the investment that will accelerate your growth and achievement
of your business legacy.



The funding needs for middle market companies are unique. Proactively working with you to map your capital and financing needs, AssayCS’s funding specialists will help you obtain funds and the right financial partner for your business. In addition, we help you manage risk through our unique PRIME™ process (Prioritize, Resource, Implement, Measure & Evaluate) to achieve the transformation required to realize your business legacy.


We find those that are not proactive about funding get frustrated by their growth and may get unfavorable terms and often dislike their funding relationship.

As specialists, we advise on:


  • Financing and fundraising for growth;
  • Acquisition funding; and
  • Recapitalizations and partial liquidity for business owners.

Growth capital


As businesses grow they reach a point in each phase when the operating cash flow is insufficient to fund the next level of growth. For example, entering new markets, expanding facilities, purchasing new equipment or pursuing sales and marketing opportunities all require additional cash. Our funding specialists work with you to evaluate the growth capital options, such as senior debt, mezzanine financing or equity capital.

Acquisition funding


This type of funding helps create a more scalable business by acquiring other companies. These may be direct or indirect competitors and provide the capability to gain access to complementary products or services or expanding into new markets (domestic or international). In addition to managing the acquisition process, AssayCS can also provide the right funding for each acquisition, as well as support, the integration of the businesses.



For many entrepreneurs, their most valuable asset is their business. The income generated by your company provides for your family, yet much of your wealth is held inside the business. Unlocking this wealth is the key to diversifying your assets through a partial sale of equity, or a special dividend paid for by future company earnings. In addition, recapitalization allows shareholders to retire, or can provide liquidity for family members not involved in the business. AssayCS will design and implement the right liquidity strategy for each shareholder to help you achieve your business and personal goals.