Maintaining your Company’s culture. Ensuring consistent operational efficiencies from afar can be a challenge if your satellite teams are not aligned with your internal and external philosophies or brand proposition. Vision, attitude and having the right infrastructure in place. Are all key components for success in this arena and everyone in an organization has their part to play in protecting your company’s most valuable asset. Your brand.

Join us on November 13th to hear from our expert panelists who have first-hand experience of how to grow an international business with a positive and supportive employee culture.

Some of the questions we will ask:

How do organizations ensure they are moving or hiring the right people for their company when cultures in every country are different?

What infrastructure systems and procedures do companies need to have in place to get it right?

How do companies ensure a smooth, and enjoyable, experience for their “mobile” employees and, safeguard against losing them by moving them?

Budgets! What does this all really cost and how do you manage it?

These questions and more will be answered!

Adrian Bray