The Future of Your Business: Where are You Going and How Will You Get There?

What few business owners know…

Some businesses have a long-term plan to grow or transition ownership while others simply wait to see what happens. In our next interactive workshop, we help you understand how businesses can navigate the trials and tribulations of growth and maximize the value of your company for an eventual ownership transition. We’ll also explore why it’s important whether you want to pass the business on to the next generation or eventually sell.

What we will cover in the session to help you and your business:

  • When is the right time to be investing in your business?
  • The predictability of the revenue cycles, why businesses get stuck and where the business black holes are in the cycle.
  • Exercises to show why some businesses perform better than others and have higher valuations.


This event has been specifically designed for business owners and advisors and is free to attend.

Your Presenters:

Chris Andersen | AssayCS
AssayCS helps you gain the highest valuation and plan for the sale of your business. We help you gain access to funding and ensure you sell at the right level by focusing on the valuation multiple.

Nigel Hartley | Shirlaws Group
Shirlaws Group advise private enterprise how to grow, fund or exit their business in order to enjoy their life’s work. We help them find the confidence to change, the courage to invest and the freedom to choose their path.


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Adrian Bray