Assay Capital Strategies

Assay Capital Strategies is a unique mergers and acquisitions firm
providing customized services tailored to meet the needs of each business owner.
We celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurs and all they do to make the US
strong, vibrant and the engine for job creation and growth.


Assay’s proven methodology, increases the value and attractiveness of a business by
focusing particularly on M in the formula: V (valuation) = P (profit) x M (multiple).



We specialize in advising on:


  • business sales
  • acquisitions (including MBOs & MBIs)
  • financing and fund raising
  • business advisory (Assay Advisory’s Equity Strategy Plan) – See Assay Advisory


Behind Assay Capital Strategies’ success are its people, a highly experienced team of former business owners and operating executives.

Experienced deal doers


Assay Capital Strategies is unlike other M&A advisory firms, because we offer a unique perspective resulting from having directly managed public and private companies in manufacturing and distribution, financial services, technology, consumer products, retail, engineering and professional services businesses. Plus, our principals have built and sold their own business, so we know what is important to business owners as you consider the next steps for your business.

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